[Work Log] FIRE: Verifying date bug, export-to-csv

April 01, 2014

Continuing the process of resolving the "rotated dates" issue, in which the last gold-standard date was shifted to the beginning of each visit-set.

Laura has corrected the issue on her end, but we've already made several changes to our copies of the databases, so I wrote a script to make the correction on our end. But there was some confusion about whether the original or updated "Visit" values are correct. Laura has sent me her databases so I can confirm that we're working with the same data, and hopefully I can determine if our visit values are correct and consistent with hers.

Data is in MS access, so will need to install it on my virtual machine.

Export to csv

Finished merging records, confirming, and exporting to CSV. Formalized the process into two files under fire/src/matlab/scripts, which perform end-to-end converstion.

Posted by Kyle Simek
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