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November 12, 2013

Implementing index optimization.

Main accopmlishment of the day: Derived an approach for finding the entire gradient with a single matrix multiplication. Added this to reference post on ML gradient.

Diversion: updating Ruby

Struggling with blog engine, need to upate rdiscount to get new feature, but gem install fails because gcc-4.2 is missing since upgrading to Mavericks. Need to recompile/reinstall ruby, so the gem system uses clang. rvm xxx instal is failing, because gcc-4.2 is missing. Forcing clang; building causes segfault. Research says upgrade to HEAd of rvm, install ruby 2.0.0. Tried, but still segfaulting... out of ideas.

New plan: install gcc-4.2 manually. Luckilly homebrew has it in the repo.

After some struggle, just gave up. Annoyed at having wasted over an hour on this.

Posted by Kyle Simek
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