[Meeting Notes] iPlant Literature Review Planning Meetings

November 08, 2013

Document discussion

Some random notes about issues to bring up in the final document.

Talk about representation vs. "features" (characteristics). Clarify "features", don't use indescriminitively (call them high-level features, topological features, as opposed to image features).

Two ways to go about finding "features":

i.e. looking for representations vs. characteristics

Bisque vs. Nonbisque? Unclear what the final application will be, but if Bisque is the goal, some discussion of it's feasibility is probably warranted. For example, interactive systems like the Clark paper might not be feasible for Bisque.

Taxonomy of curve-extraction methods

Kobus mentioned the different "dimensions" that the problem can be split into. Some might be

Research Topics

We can split the background reading into several areas, both in image processing/CV and biological application. Kobus recommended splitting time between these broad areas.

Image Processing Topics

Application Areas

Other stuff

Other topics that might be worth looking into, but maybe of speculative value.

Data Inventory

We currently have data sets from a handful of different applications/domains.

Next steps

Any questions for Martha?

Reading for next week: look into citations from Clark and Hypotrace

As we read, lets try to place each paper somewhere in the "Taxonomy" above.

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