[Work Log] KJB EM GMM

October 20, 2013

Still struggling with the EM GMM algorithm. Found/fixed one bug where responsibilities aren't initialized if NULL is passed to the function.

Ran overnight and it hadn't finished at the end. Found/fixed a bug where the entire @M element responsibility matrix is rescaled 2M times (once per point).

Getting rank-deficient errors. Looks like this is a result of the huge dataset; covariance matrix is divided by 1e6 (the number of soft-members of the cluster).

For now, hack by trying to thin the dataset. Long-term, adding a minimum offset to the emperical covariance seems to be the common solution.

Possibly normalizing the data would be good.

Added offset to covariance (command-line options and file-static variable already existed, just needed to add it to the full_GMM logic).

Added read_gmm.m matlab routine, and plotted along with scatter plot of data. Results look pretty good:

Moving trained gmm to ~/data/arabidopsis/training/bd_likelihood_gmm/blur_2.0.gmm


Open issues

Posted by Kyle Simek
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