[Work Log] Attachment ML Math (ctd); Implementing Attach()/Detach()

August 22, 2013
Project Tulips
Subproject Data Association v3
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Fixed corrupt svn working copy.

Computing \(\mu_b\) and \(\Sigma_b\)

Since \(S\) is usually singular, we can't invert it, so we need to tweak yesterday's equations. In what follows, the precision matrix \(S\) is decomposed into \(s s^\top\), which will allow us to keep the covariance matrix symmetric.
The updated forumula for \(\mu_b\) is:
\[ \begin{align} \mu_b &= K_*^\top \left(K_{\mathcal{MB}} + S^{-1}\right)^{-1} y_{MB} \\ \tag{1} &= K_*^\top s^\top \left(s K_{\mathcal{MB}} s^\top + I\right)^{-1} s y_{MB} \\ \end{align} \] The formula for \(\Sigma_b\) is: \[ \Sigma_b = K_b - K_*^\top s^\top \left(s K_{\mathcal{MB}} s^\top + I\right)^{-1} s K_* \] Recall that \(K_b\) is the prior covariance of the branch point.

Predictive covariance question

I realized during implementation that it isn't clear what the predictive covariance, \(K_*\), should be. I know it's the covariance between the true branch point and the observed points in the markov blanket, but the observed points have associated view-indices, while the branch point does not. After some thought, I realized that the covariance arising from view-indices is essentially *likelihood* variance in this context (i.e. imaging noise), and according to Williams and Rasmussen, these parts of the likelihood should be omitted when computing the covariance between data and true unobserved points. (See equation (2.21), notice that off-diagonal elements don't include the noise variance, \(\sigma_n I\)).

To accomodate the use-case where you want to compute the covariance while ignoring view-index, I tweaked `kernel/get_model_kernel`; now, if you pass-in a `model_index` of zero, it returns a two-parameter no-perturb kernel where only spacial-indices are received.

ll_indices_flat vs. prior_indices

There's some ambiguity in these two fields of a curve-track. The difference is simply that in ll_indices_flat, indices always start at zero, whereas in prior_indices the offset start_index is added to all values. In practice, there are rules for where these two fields should be used:

Task progress

Misc notes

chain of affects

How are children affected when properties of the parent change?

parent property self affects child affects
Assoc/Correspondence start_index (and inherited) Branch_index (and inherited. easy to re-estimate deterministically), marginal likelihood, (not start index)
Start index prior_K, prior_indices, ML \(\mu_b\)*, \(\Sigma_b\)*, ML*
Branch index \(\mu_b\), \(\Sigma_b\), none.
* Updating these might not be necessary


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