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June 27, 2013

Thursday Overview * Continued refactoring of likelihood * C++ Bootcamp * VR lab tour and new user set-up

Continued refactoring of likelihood

Implemented "alternative approach" to handling tail points mentioned in last entry. The old way didn't benefit from re-indexing; this way does. This way handles negative index points correctly, too.

In process of testing and debugging. Possibly more outcomes later tonight.

C++ Bootcamp

today's session: inline and const-correctness

VR lab tour and new user set-up

By Angus's request, I showed showed the new postdoc Javier around the lab and set him up with an admin account.

Lots of things still broken on VR01; biggest problem is video card #2 not displaying anything. Game controller not set up yet. Showed osgviewer demo, and by Angus's request, got his Processing demo running too.

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