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Lab : Interdisciplinary Visual Intelligence (IVILAB)

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My primary appointment is with the School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts (SISTA) at the University of Arizona. I also have courtesy appointments with Computing Science and ECE, and serve as faculty for BIO5, and the Cognitive Science, Statistics, and Genetic graduate interdisciplinary programs. Before coming to Arizona, I was a post doctoral fellow in computer vision at the University of California at Berkeley. I did my Ph.D. in computer science at Simon Fraser University, specializing in colour constancy. My research interests include image and video understanding, learning and fitting models of biological form, the application of computer vision to the organization and effective use of large image collections, and physics based vision problems such as understanding scene illumination.


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The interdisciplinary CompTIES (computational temporal interpersonal emotion systems) project has just been awarded a three year NSF grant. This is in collaboration between Emily Butler (PI, Family Studies and Human Development), Kobus Barnard (IVILAB), Clay Morrison (SISTA), Matthias Mehl (Psychology), and the NSF funded iPlant project. This research will bring theory-driven Bayesian modeling and inference into the domain of temporal emotional interactions within personal interactions. It will also develop a shared computational infrastructure for researchers in this domain in collaboration with iPlant. For more details, see the project website compties.org, or the project abstract.


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